The Most Powerful Ethylene Scrubber on the Market
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Improved Postharvest Quality
truck Controlling temperature is an important factor in delivering the freshest quality produce to your customers. But as commodity prices, transportation and energy costs rise, controlling temperature is no longer enough. Ethylene control is quickly becoming a critical component of cold chain efficiency.

Removing ethylene from fresh produce storage areas has proven to:

  • Decrease postharvest losses
  • Extend shelf life of fresh fruit, vegetables and floral
  • Increase the value of fresh produce at its destination
Experts around the world have long recognized the harmful effects of ethylene.

The actual benefit of ethylene depends on the commodity, the variety, harvest, and seasonal and other factors. Please consult Catalyx technologies for research data and further information for site-and crop-specifics.

A word on food safety…

While many factors contribute to freshness and quality, there is no more important issue today than food safety. And with good reason…food safety events are costly and damaging to the reputation you work so hard to build.

With FRESH+™, the UV-GI germicidal lamps inside provide an addition layer of food-safety protection by reducing contamination from airborne microorganisms that cause illness and accelerate decay of fresh produce. Germicidal UV kills common food-borne contaminants including E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Your reputation is at stake every time your customer takes delivery of an order. You can't afford to leave it to chance….

FRESH+™ delivers advanced ethylene control with its patented PCO technology designed to extend shelf life and improve food safety. FRESH+™ provides continuous protection from the harmful effects of ethylene and microbial contamination.

Contact us today for more information or a price quote. Find out how FRESH+™ can help you deliver the freshest and safest produce to your customers.

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