The Most Powerful Ethylene Scrubber on the Market
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Improve Cold Chain Operations with FRESH+™
fruit Reducing ethylene reduces shrink and increases the value of fresh produce at its destination, but how can you get the most from your investment in ethylene control equipment and supplies? Often, FRESH+™ is the solution of choice to improve operations, saving time and money compared with other ethylene control measures:

Improved profitability
Reducing ethylene in fresh produce storage areas is a proven way to extend shelf life. In addition to reducing costs and claims, there are substantial intangible benefits when your customers know they can count on you to deliver FRESH and SAFE produce every time.

Improved productivity
Sure, permanganate pellets can reduce ethylene. But take a look at what the true cost of storing, monitoring, replacing and disposing spent pellets and you’ll see why when you use FRESH+™ instead, the savings add up quickly. Plus the time and hassle you save by switching frees up your maintenance staff for more critical tasks. With FRESH+™, you get 24/7 protection from ethylene damage without the risk of failure by misjudging remaining life of spent pellets or missing a scheduled check.

FRESH+™ also reduces mold and mildew in coolers, reducing cleaning inside coolers and their coils.

Improved worker safety
And there’s no safer solution than FRESH+™ because there is no exposure to hazardous gases such as ozone or harmful chemicalscontained in potassium permanganate. Reducing the risk of injury to your workers saves money and protects the welfare of employees and family members. Please see the US EPA’s comments regarding the safety of ozone in occupied spaces. Experts at UC Davis Postharvest Technology Research & Information Center conclude:

"Ozone in air at concentrations that can be breathed over long periods without irritation cannot be expected to provide effective sanitation of fruit and vegetable surfaces or storage rooms. The application of ozone in air concentrations that effectively kill pathogen spores exceeds 0.1 ppm(the exposure limit for workers from US OSHA) and therefore requires that measures to protect workers."

Improved sustainability of operations
Since there are no chemicals, you don’t have to worry about issues that may arise from handling and disposal of potentially hazardous materials, so you can rest assured knowing that you are doing your part to reduce the impact of your operations on the environment.

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