The Most Powerful Ethylene Scrubber on the Market
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FRESH+™ improves your bottom lineā€¦

Improved Product Quality
  • Extend shelf life of fresh fruit, vegetable and floral products, including fresh cuts.
  • Improve food safety by reducing microbial contamination in food processing/storage.
Improved Operations
  • No pellets to store, monitor, replace and dispose.
  • No exposure to toxic materials or hazardous gases like ozone.
  • Reduces cleaning inside coolers and their coils.
  • Improves sustainability by reducing the impact on the environment.
Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Reduce costly consumables usage and handling costs.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Made in USA of high quality components.
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Fresh Plus International, 101 E. Baltimore Ave.,#137, Media, PA 19063 PH: 1-610-892-9405