The Most Powerful
Ethylene Scrubber

Eliminate ethylene gas, mold & bacteria from produce cold stores. ​

Proven to improve quality, food safety and shelf life.

Lowest total cost of ownership.

Cover up to 400,000 cu ft with a single efficient and easy-to-maintain unit.

Eliminate Ethylene Gas, Mold, and Bacteria With FRESH+™

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers use a powerful combination of PCO+UV technologies to eliminate contamination, creating an ideal environment for produce storage areas.  

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Better Produce Quality & Food Safety

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers eliminates ethylene gas, mold & bacteria that accelerate decay and compromise food safety in produce cold storage and processing areas. 

  • Extend Shelf Life
  • Improve Quality & Freshness
  • Improve Food Safety & Sanitation
  • Reduce Produce Spoilage & Waste
  • Great for Organic Produce!
Deliver Just-Picked Quality with FRESH+™

Improves Cold Chain Operations

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers provide continuous protection from the harmful effects of ethylene gas without the hassle, expense and safety concerns of other solutions.

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improve Safety & Sustainability

No pellets to store, monitor, replace and dispose means less labor and higher reliability.  Efficient & cost-effective solutions for any size space from the smallest walk-in to the largest warehouse.

Facility Managers, Engineers & Owners Choose FRESH+™

From Field to Fork, We Have You Covered!

Fresh Plus International Offers A Full Line of Products for Management of Ethylene and Food Safety throughout the Cold Chain.

  • Equipment for Ethylene, Mold & Microbial Removal
  • Ethylene Detection & Monitoring Solutions
  • Maintenance & Consulting Services
For All Your Ethylene Management Needs

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Smart Solutions

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Lowest Cost
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
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Quality & Food Safety

  • Improve Quality
  • Enhance Food Safety
  • Extend Shelf Life
  • Reduce Waste

Products & Services

  • Ethylene Removal
  • Ethylene Monitoring
  • Postharvest Consulting
  • Maintenance Service
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PCO+UV Technology

  • Advanced Technology
  • No Pellets
  • Ozone-free
  • Sustainability

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With models ranging from 30-30,000 CFM, we can recommend the right system anywhere throughout the supply chain, from small coolers to large facilities.

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