The Most Powerful Ethylene Scrubber on the Market
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What is FRESH+™?
FRESH+™ is the most powerful ethylene scrubber on the market. Utilizing the latest technological advances to deliver continuous protection from the harmful effects of ethylene, FRESH+™ …the “Next Generation Ethylene Scrubber”.

It improves food safety too….FRESH+™ reduces bacteria, viruses and molds, reducing airborne contamination that can cause illness and accelerate the decay of fresh produce. Since it purifies the air, coolers and their coils stay cleaner too!

The FRESH+™ patented design harness a completely natural and chemical free process, so it's even safe for organic produce. Since it is also ozone free, it's safe for food, workers and the enviroment!

It is a smart solution that is easy to install and inexpensive to maintain. Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality components, FRESH+™ provides years of dependable service.

No pellets to monitor, store or dispose means less work and higher reliability. Achieve complete control over ripening with FRESH+™.
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The FRESH+™ Difference

Find out how the innovative design of FRESH+™ improves quality and freshness, reducing shrink and lowering operating costs. fruit

FRESH+™ is recommended throughout the cold chain for conventional and organic produce. With a wide variety of models available, our expert engineers can recommend the right system for any point along the supply chain from “field to fork” and any size space from small coolers to large warehouses and production facilities. orchard

FRESH+™ harnesses a completely natural process that removes ethylene, bacteria and mold with no ozone. Our patented design is both cost-effective and easy to maintain. Find out why FRESH+™ is the “Next Generation Ethylene Scrubber”. product

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